July 16, 2024

First of all, I’m assuming you’ve admitted that your current sex life is boring and unintimidating, at least you’re looking for some more fresh and hot sex techniques to stimulate some steamy hot sex.

One of the reasons that boring and unexciting sex is created is due to the limited and stereotypical positions used in sex. Sex is not a routine job, you should not stop learning about how to improve sexual techniques, including having the best sexual positions. Well, there are a lot of great techniques to learn and implement, however you have to start with some of the best sex positions first.

Don’t just twist and twist your girl like a rag doll. You really have to know what she needs, especially you have to make her climax in sex because you are not the only one who needs to have wonderful and hot sex.

So, let’s take a look at several of the best positions that can satisfy both men and women and have a toe orgasm.

Best Sex Position 1 – Enhanced Missionary:

This is a common style of sexual position, but you need to improve it a bit. Make him lie down while you are on top. Instead of the normal style, you should have your leg wide open in the air. Don’t hold your leg, let it swing freely as you punch it. This will create more movement in your hip and therefore make penetration more exciting.

Best Sex Position 2 – Lying on your stomach:

Let him lie on his stomach while you are on his stomach. Let her lift her butt up and don’t spread her leg. Guy is on top and enters from behind. This is not so good for below average men, but it is good for many people because since the leg is closed, the friction during penetration will be greater and therefore you will have more sexual arousal.

Best Sex Position 3 – Doggy Style:

Well, this is the best proven sex position for couples, especially for men. This allows for deep penetration and most important of all, this is an “instinctive best sexual position” that happens to most species on earth. Both of you can work in unison to avoid excessive exhaustion of the boy.

So here are some simple but three of the best sex positions that will bring both of you to a series of orgasms tonight. Act and check the effect now!

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