Rent – A musical dealing with sensitive topics

‘Rent’ is a musical that has been immensely popular and is now running for its eleventh year. It is based on the Opera La Boheme by Giacomo Puccini. ‘Rent’ will become the second longest-running show currently on Broadway when ‘Beauty and the Beast’ ends on July 29, 2007. ‘Rent’ was one of the first musicals

Laugh Out Loud Romance Books to Read

What better to read than a romantic comedy book that has touches of humor. We all like to read funny romantic stories that always have a happy ending. No one wants to shed a tear over the sad fate of love and everyone likes to see their favorite pair of lovers come together at the

Digital Printing Press: An Update

Way back in 1998, the world of digital printing perfected its processes and made significant reductions in production operating costs, as well as introducing several new equipment and technology to printing. This revolutionary trend is expected to accelerate as the industry moves forward in the coming years. Advances in digital printing are being made in

Music and Politics

French-born Jerome Camal is an assistant at Washington University in Saint Louis in studies of jazz, logic of music, and logic of ethnic music. But he is also a saxophonist who is not satisfied with living on academic pursuits and does not want to be called by the teacher, but prefers to play in places,

Cheap and frugal scrapbooking

I have always been a supporter of cheap scrapbooking. I mean, I love using new products and I’ll admit I spent double digits on a few scrapbook pages. But I also love being frugal and I like the creativity that can come from not having a ton to spend on scrapbooking supplies. So what are

Tracy Biller Reveals: Target Network Marketers Using MLM Genealogy List

tracy biller is a well known MLM training expert. In 1995, he successfully built his first large organizations by targeting other network marketers using what is called a genealogy list. A lead genealogy is a database of distributors who are currently in a network marketing business or who have left the industry because their business

Tips for Hiring a Commercial Real Estate Agent

If you don’t want to handle your commercial lease renewal or relocation project yourself, you can use a commercial real estate agent. All you have to do is choose the right professional for your needs. Below are 6 things you may want to consider during your evaluation. keep reading sympathy A relocation or lease renewal

The effects of smoking have well-deserved nicknames

Do smokers weigh the indisputably bad risks of the effects of smoking? What if smoking was called something else, like “diving in shark-infested waters”? Once they gave us a kitten. It was a crazy little ball of fluff that slithered across my kitchen floor and got under my feet. I used to say, “Ollick!” which

Foresight and Training Make Managers

Top management in every industry is well known for setting up our best-skilled workers for failure. It’s like we’re specifically trying to sabotage our own businesses by lowering the skill level of the workforce and using mismanagement to try to fix it. A fancy new title and a raise don’t eat to do. A top-notch