Are Nerf Guns Safe?

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This is a question I get asked quite often by parents who have been pestered to death by their children to buy them a Nerf gun.

NERF blaster safety is vital for virtually all sensible parents and kids, whether they’re having a close-quarters battle in the workplace or a long-term standoff in the neighborhood. NERF blasters are completely risk-free because the ammunition is constructed of a soft, lightweight sponge substance: Non-Expanding Recreational Foam (NERF). The uniquely shaped polyurethane is inserted with carbon dioxide in a chemical reaction method that swells and forms the soft substance. NERF guns have already been used for over 4 decades and also have an excellent safety record that is unparalleled.

NERF were created especially for use indoors, but they’re also suitable for outdoor fun. The safety of NERF guns is the result of the softness of the ammunition darts that are not capable of breaking glass windows, colliding with lamps and decorations and definitely cannot harm a baby – NERF foam is the perfect soft toy for children of all ages.

A Popular Mechanics report in 2009 noted that “NERF foam ammunition remains safe for arms and legs and delicate household furniture.”

NERF guns are definitely the safest toy guns for kids of all ages: no lead paint, marginal working components, and no documented nasty incidents associated with a person losing life or limb. NERF foam was made specifically for young children and is completely safe.

Countless NERF guns have already been sold over the last thirty years without loss of life or limb

NERF foam tag darts have hook-and-loop tips for use in conjunction with the NERF Battle Jacket and competition. Since they have velcro tips, it’s really best to wear goggles when actively playing to prevent eye damage. NERF offers a variety of combat-proven fashion glasses or you can just put on your regular glasses.

NERF blasters are realistic and noteworthy, but except in cases where we have an alien intrusion, they’re not likely to be mistaken for the real thing, as long as they’re unmodified.

NERF blasters may be “toy guns,” but they use genuine “lock and load” systems to supply ammunition and allow players to win the shootout. NERF blasters are an affordable way to educate kids about real firearms safety.

Under no circumstances should you attempt headshots with your NERF blaster – always shoot at medium body mass to have an efficient kill and avoid accidentally damaging someone’s eyes.

Always wear goggles to protect the eye area.

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