Android Phones: Why buy them?

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With so many brands on the market, it is difficult for consumers to decide which is the most suitable smartphone for them. To arrive at this decision to choose a brand, they evaluate your communication needs as well as your personal preferences. Aesthetics and ease of use are the two most important factors that help make this decision.

Today’s smartphones come on different platforms like Android, Cyanogen, iOS, Tizen, etc. However, with a host of useful features combined with an open source platform, Android phones are rapidly gaining popularity among smartphone users. But the question remains, why Android and not just any other platform? This article will help you make this decision.

Reason 1: Android’s open source platform:

Android is an open source mobile platform, which means that it is free and fully customizable. Anyone can access the source code and make suggestions for improvement. There are hundreds of thousands of applications that can be easily downloaded to your Android smartphones.

Reason 2: Wide Range of Android Phones

There is a lot of competition in the Android mobile device market. A wide range of Android smartphones in various sizes and formats is available in the market to meet the different needs of consumers. Requirement of differentiating characteristics in a smartphone by consumers such as Screen size, RAM, camera, OS version, dual SIM support, battery, layout, etc. They have led to the introduction of new players in the market. But very few are able to qualify on the quality parameters for a good smartphone.

Reason 3: Personalization Options for Android Smartphones

Now with a smartphone that you have the option to download from thousands of applications available in the application market, you can customize your phone to your needs.

You can customize the home screen of your Android mobile device with widgets such as news, weather, Twitter and Facebook feeds, music player, and more. Get custom themes, apps, wallpapers, and more on your Android phones.

Also, unlike other limited capacity smartphones, many Android smartphones allow you to increase the storage capacity with microSD storage cards.

Reason 4: Powerful Cameras

Smartphones that run on the Android operating system are well known for their superior camera and image quality. Most of today’s Android mobile phones are even capable of taking professional quality photos and videos even in low light.

Reason 5: 3G, 4G, and Wireless Access Point Capability

Smartphones adapt to different available network speeds, be it 2G, 3G or now even 4G. Most smartphones now come with 4G LTE compatibility for the fastest available wireless network speed needed for fast communication, browsing, and downloads.

The Android operating system also allows connection, which means that these smartphones can also be used as a Wi-Fi access point. This means that you can connect other wireless devices like laptops, tablets, etc. through your mobile network.


There are numerous reasons to buy an Android smartphone. But the reasons listed above are the top 5 reasons why you should go for an Android mobile device. Each point can have a different weight for different users depending on your personal preferences.

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