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Chrysler 300C (2005-present)

General description

The Chrysler 300C was introduced in early 2005. It offers prospective buyers all the visual merits of an average Rolls Royce, minus the price. For this reason, it has been a great success in Ireland. In terms of looks, the 300C is unique, especially when compared to its somewhat mundane rivals; the BMW 5 Series and the Mercedes E-Class. It is clear that a ‘bigger is better’ attitude was adopted during the early design stages of this car. A prominent grille tops the front end along with huge 18-inch wheels and a gigantic chassis that even the late Walter Chrysler would have been proud of.

Living with it

Sitting in the driver’s seat, you will notice that its leather dashboard and striking center console have been decorated in a luxurious mansion. The 300C is as big on the inside as it is on the outside. It has a longer wheelbase than the BMW 7 series, although it is shorter in overall length. For this reason, it offers excellent legroom for the front and rear passengers. That said, the rear middle seat is too narrow for adults. However, all other seats are comfortable and supportive. The dash controls are perfectly positioned next to the driver and work well. The buttons are stubby, unlike the flimsy idrive found on the 5 series. Elsewhere, there are plenty of storage pockets to hide your belongings. The 504-liter trunk will swallow the luggage of a family of five, along with yours. Despite the strong controls and space layout, all-round visibility inside the 300C is hampered by the unusual shape of its body. Backing up can be a bit tricky at times due to its narrow rear window, especially when maneuvering in tight spaces. You will see that not many used 300Cs on the market have parking sensors installed as they are extra expensive when new. All models come standard with traction control and cruise control with climate control. Other extras found standard on the 300C include alloy wheels, xenon headlights, and front fog lights. When it comes to engine choice, the 300C comes in three different variants. The most powerful of them is the gasoline 6.1 V8. This engine has a torque of 425 bhp, although it is just as thirsty with a fuel economy of 17 MPG. The 300C also came in a 5.8-liter gasoline, although it didn’t sell well here. The smaller 3.0-liter V6 diesel is a more cost-effective option and is the most popular. It’s very powerful at 215 bhp to play with and has a 34.9 MPG fuel rating that borders on economy. It will drive from 0-100 km / h in 7.5 seconds, which is very impressive for such a large car. All engines work well for highway driving and handling is similar in that it is also suited to the highway. Even at 120 km / h, cabin noise is kept to a minimum. However, on minor roads, the body rolls through tight corners.

Should you buy it?

The 300C was released just two years ago in 2005 and it hasn’t depreciated as much as originally expected. This is bad news for used car buyers, as the lowest you can expect to pay for a 2005 3.0-liter diesel is € 45,000. Reliability shouldn’t bother you too much, as the engine components have been carefully built in Austria, rather than flimsy in America. With that said, as a prospective buyer, ask the owner if the sat nav unit has been replaced. Here at UCPG we have seen issues with the 300C’s satang system due to a faulty wheel sensor. It will be expensive to repair out of warranty. One good reason to buy this car is its diversity. While a business person will surely look like the party heading to a business meeting, so will a family shopping for their groceries at the local grocery store. If you’re tired of the ‘common’ 5-series, don’t want to spend 50,000 euros on an E-class, and frankly find the Lexus GS300 downright ugly, then the 300C could be your alternative.

Extraction Quotes (1)

“The 504-liter trunk will swallow the luggage of a family of five … and the rest.”

Caption (3)

300C_Chrysler_Main- “All the visual merits of an average Rolls Royce”

300C_Chrysler_F2- “The buttons are stubby, unlike the flimsy ones on the 5 series.”

300C_Chrysler_Interior- “The controls are well placed and easy to use”

Chrysler 300C


The suspension of the Chrysler 300C was developed in conjunction with Mercedes Benz, making it a good cruiser.


Most popular engine: 3.0 V6 Diesel

CV: 218

Fuel consumption: 34.9 MPG

0-100 km / h: 7.6

Maximum speed: 230 km / h

Boot capacity: 504


-Inside as luxurious as outside

-It is not often that you see one around

-Only slight depreciation


-It is not cheap

-Hard to see outside

-Soft colors

Model price ’05’;

-3.0 liters diesel: 45,000 euros

Jeep Grand Cherokee (1999-2005)

General description

Jeep, an aptly named American SUV maker, launched the first Grand Cherokee in 1999. It was marketed as the competitor’s flagship Land Rover at the time, the Discovery. The Grand Cherokee was a huge improvement over its predecessor, the Cherokee, and offered excellent off-road driving qualities, combined with a roadside look. Although, how do you drive?

Living with it

The Grand Cherokee looks quite bulky on the outside. However, on the inside, Jeep did not use its chassis size effectively. Legroom is unusually tight in the rear seats, even for children. The huge boot of the Grand Cherokee should have been made a little smaller to fix this problem. However, the head and shoulder room is more than adequate. Since the dash and center console are fairly plain, the interior of the Grand Cherokee is quite airy. This makes him feel bigger than he really is. All the seats are comfortable and, by the way, they come equipped with leather as standard. Most of the driver’s controls, such as the gear stick, throttle, and clutch pedals, are well placed, although the indicator lever controls can sometimes malfunction. As the United States is a fairly hot country, the Grand Cherokee also comes equipped with air conditioning as standard. However, Irish buyers are likely to use their heating system more due to our cold climate. The two most popular models in Ireland are the ‘Laredo’ and the ‘Overland’. The Laredo contains most of the aforementioned luxuries; however, the Overland is more equipped. Additional extras found in the Overland include multiple airbags, climate control, and heated seats. Since the Jeep is quite high and so is the driving position, all-round visibility is excellent. If you are coming from a normal car to the Grand Cherokee, it will take a bit of getting used to parking. Parking sensors were not standard on any model, not even the expensive Overland series. In terms of engines, the Grand Cherokee came with four different options, although only one has proven popular here; the 2.7-liter CRD diesel. At 161 bhp, it has plenty of torque, although it still takes eleven seconds to hit 100 km / h from a standstill. It will have a plausible 29 MPG performance, which is strong compared to its 4×4 rivals. The automatic gearbox is quite pleasant to use and helps keep MPG at a lower rate. However, at slower speeds, your off-road-based gear ratios don’t follow the road and it can appear like you’re in too high gear at too low a gear. Since the Grand Cherokee is not very high off the ground, the handling is much better for it. That said, it’s not outstanding, and compared to the BMW X5 and Land Rover Discovery, the Grand Cherokee can feel a bit too off-roading. It’s clear that Jeep spent its design time trying to get the Cherokee up steep hills quickly, rather than taking it comfortably to stores.

Should you buy it?

If you intend to commute to work through mud, fields, fjords, and the rest, then the Grand Cherokee is a great option. Ultimately, you’ll want to drive it on the road too, although we think it’s a bit difficult to drive. Expect to pay as little as EUR8000 for a 1999 model, up to EUR42,000 for a late 2004 model. When it comes to reliability, it is a fact that there are many more warranty claims on Jeeps than on any other 4×4 manufacturer ( even Land Rover or Porsche). Automatic gearboxes are known to cause problems after 60,000 miles and are quite expensive to repair without warranty. The air conditioning system is also known to cause problems if it is not used frequently. If you like being original and don’t want to drive an SUV with a ‘Land Rover’ or ‘BMW’ badge; Jeeps that have become so common on our roads now, then the Grand Cherokee might well be for you. On the other hand, saying ‘Jeep’ doesn’t sound as good as ‘Land Rover’, does it?

Extract quote:

“It’s clear that Jeep spent its design time trying to get the Cherokee up steep hills quickly, rather than taking it comfortably to stores.”

Caption (3)

Jeep_Grandcherokee_main- “Styling has never been as exciting as the X5”

Jeep_Grandcherokee_f1- “He’s not very high off the ground and the handling is much better for him.”

Jeep_Grandcherokee_interior- “Leather is standard on all models”

Jeep grand cherokee


The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a popular choice for use on various television shows in America and can often be seen on sets.


Most popular engine: 2.7 CRD

CV: 161

Fuel consumption: 29 MPG

0-100 km / h: 10.8

Max Speed: 189

Trunk capacity: n / a


-Grand Cherokee are not common

-Collect cheap

-Huge off-road fun


-Running costs

-Annoying engine problems

-Legroom in the rear seat

Model price ’03’;

-2.7 liters diesel CRD: 32,500 euros

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