6 Ways Plumbers Can Stay Top of Mind and Retain Old Customers


6 Ways Plumbers Can Stay Top of Mind

When a plumbing issue arises, customers are often too busy to ask for a plumber referral from their neighbors. Instead, they pick up an electronic device—whether a phone, mobile tablet or desktop computer—and type “plumber services near me” into Google to find local plumbers with good reviews.

As a result, competition for plumber near me services is fierce. But with a little effort, plumbing companies can set themselves apart from competitors, and boost both new and repeat business. The following are some ways plumbers can attract and retain new customers:

Create a social media page for your company and post relevant content to it on a regular basis. This could include DIY tips, before-and-after photos of repairs and other content that helps position your company as a knowledgeable resource for homeowners. Keeping your social media page active will increase brand awareness and can help your plumbing company rank higher on search engines.

Writing a guest blog for a popular website in your area is an excellent way to gain visibility, promote your plumbing services and connect with potential customers. When a homeowner reads your helpful advice or insightful thoughts on a topic, they’re more likely to trust your opinions—and call you when they need professional plumbing services.

Make it easy for your plumbing clients to refer you by including a link on their online billing statements and in email communications, as well as offering coupons or flyers that they can give to their friends and neighbors. Seventy-five percent of people look for deals in their inboxes, so this is a great way to stay top of mind and attract new business.

6 Ways Plumbers Can Stay Top of Mind and Retain Old Customers

If someone visits your plumbing company’s website but does not immediately hire you for a service, using retargeting advertising can keep your plumbing business at the top of their minds until they do hire you. This method of online marketing is efficient, effective and affordable compared to other advertising methods.

Google’s algorithm takes into account the location of a shopper when ranking local businesses in its organic search results. Claim your Google Business Profile, which provides information like your plumbing company name, logo, contact information, website address, hours of operation and client reviews.

Some plumbing companies use the opportunity to generate additional income by providing other related services while they’re at a customer’s home. For example, a plumber may offer to inspect the client’s entire plumbing system while working on an existing problem. This can help a homeowner prevent future issues, saving them both money and stress.

In the competitive world of plumbing, it’s important to use every tool at your disposal to generate new business. By using the strategies above, plumbing companies can attract and retain customers and stay competitive with both smaller locally-owned businesses and larger plumbing chains with massive marketing budgets and on-going TV commercials. Stephanie is the Associate Director of Content at LocaliQ and WordStream and loves all things digital marketing. When she’s not creating compelling content for the industry, you can find her watching reality television with her husband or playing with their two pups.

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