4 tips for buying wedding headdresses

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There is a wide variety of wedding headpieces, with different shapes, sizes, materials and colors to choose from. Read on to find out in more detail the type of headdress you could wear on that special day.

First of all, the size and shape of the headdress depends on how adventurous you are or want to be for the occasion. The hairpiece can be as large as you like; some even require two or three combs or grips to hold it in place. Although this may sound very exciting and unique, wearing such a large headpiece will definitely have some weight behind it.

The materials are endless, many of the headpieces in stores and online will be made from feathers, flowers and beads, the shape will be formed from wire that is disguised by the materials. Followed by glue to hold small items like beads and sequins.

The colors available are also unlimited; feathers and fabrics can be dyed to suit your needs. When buying the die, make sure it is suitable for fabrics and take extra care. The most popular colors are the classic black and white headdress along with reds and creams. Mixing colors can also create a very effective look.

Wedding headpieces can be worn by the bride or her guests, there are no restrictions these days. Ivory, white and creams are the best color for the bride. With pastels or brighter blues and pinks for the guests.

With a mix of all of the above in my mind, you should have a clearer understanding of what is available for wedding headpieces, and only your imagination limits you. Click on the links below to see some headpieces available to purchase now!

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