3 tips to choose a replacement battery for your cell phone

Today, mobile phones are much more than communication devices. For example, they can be used as a daily planner, music player, gaming device, web browser, or navigation device. Now, you can’t get by without your smartphone. The problem is that running lots of apps on your phone consumes a lot of battery. So you may

DeLonghi EC701: 5 facts you need to know about the DeLonghi EC701

Made in Italy – Most people will overlook this; but when you have a real Italian espresso machine like mine, you learn to appreciate the Italian manufacturing process more than you appreciate your plastic pot. I used to use a Black and Decker coffee machine, and I would simply run the coffee through it twice

Clear and present danger: running outdoors with headphones

(Not the movie starring Harrison Ford as CIA agent Jack Ryan) Safety Headphones 2Running with headphones results in reduced awareness of your physical surroundings. If you’re running on the treadmill, press playlist. When you are outdoors, being less than fully aware of your physical surroundings compromises your personal safety. Like it or not, all runners

Cultural Diversity of India – Vasudev Kutumbakam

India is known for its cultural diversity. There is an amalgamation of various cultures, each with its ancient traditions. Indian culture is “the oldest of all living civilizations on Earth”, as considered by many historians. Each culture has its rituals performed, its festivals celebrated, its art preserved, and a different language probably spoken. The celebration

Choose educational toys

How do you make sure the educational toy you buy is right for your child? As in everything, with children there are no guarantees. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when selecting children’s educational toys that can improve the chances that your choice will be well received. First, assess the developmental

10 awesome bodyweight exercises for judo

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of exercises out there. But which ones will improve your performance on the mat. Here is a list of 10 fantastic bodyweight exercises that will build strength, power, and explosiveness for all judoka. bodyweight squats Bodyweight squats will build strength and stability in your lower body. Leg strength is

Cruises: travel at its best!

Cruises are fast becoming the most popular vacation option in recent decades and also one of the cheapest vacation ideas in recent times. But what is it that really makes it so interesting and enjoyable for tourists? Is it the allure of the five-star facilities on board or the love of the waters or that